The Mayor of the Block

gilbert-kelley-290We woke up two Saturdays ago to find that Gilbert Kelley, the homeless man who had lived on our leafy brownstone block in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn and had taken care of everyone’s garbage and swept the street, was dead. The man we knew only as Kelley was shot around 4:30 in the morning in front of a house a few doors down from us. Neighbors heard male voices talking and someone laughing. Then a single shot was fired, striking Kelley in the chest. He died on the way to the hospital…

Life Coaching: Better Than Therapy 

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Life-Coaching-Better-Than-Therapy-mdnYour body is a template on which you can learn to manage your mind,” says my new life coach, Laurie Gerber, as we enter a fitness class to which she occasionally takes clients. Called IntenSati (the word intensity combined with sati, an ancient Indian word for “awareness”), the class is like boot camp—if it were led by Mr. Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Peale. In the back row, I struggle to follow along with the 50 other participants as IntenSati’s leader and founder, Patricia Moreno, takes us through a complex sequence: Knee pump, fist jab, knee pump, lunge. “Confusion?” the class demands in unison. “So what!” Fist jab, lunge, leg lift, jump. “Fear? Bring it on!” Squat, straighten, jump, clap. “Failure? Try again!” Next to me, Gerber, a slim, attractive 37-year-old with light blue eyes and a wide, flat mouth, is smiling beatifically and repeating, “I am done complaining! I set myself free!” In front of me, a heavyset man in bike shorts squeezes his elbows together. “I am the change I want to be.”…

Your 24/7 Personal Trainer

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elle-silent-motivator-xln-xlnThe first thing I do when I wake up every morning is slip off my UP, a health-monitoring bracelet made by Jawbone, and plug it into my iPhone to see how I’ve slept. There’s something consistently interesting, almost magical, about seeing my slumber deciphered in blue and orange graphics on the bracelet’s accompanying app: how long it took me to fall asleep; time spent in bed versus time spent actually sleeping; number of awakenings; and, the most magical of all, hours (hopefully not minutes!) spent in deep versus light sleep…

Coming To Terms with A Family Secret

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me and dad look of love more

When I was 24, I learned that there are two kinds of deathbed secrets: those that loved ones choose to reveal in an 11th-hour coming clean about who they are and what they’ve done, and those that you stumble across when sorting through their things. Either way, just as you lose this person you love, whose image you are trying to freeze in your brain, you begin to wonder how well you knew him or her at all…

Pulp Princess

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Pulp-Princess-4-mdnMiasha, a 28-year-old novelist, is walking through the Los Angeles Convention Center, home to the 2008 BookExpo America, an annual publishing conference. Sporting large diamond hoop earrings, sequined Manolos, and a short lime green dress with a keyhole neckline that reveals impressive cleavage for her tiny frame, Miasha, an African-American novelist who is one of the biggest names in urban fiction, looks as if she has wandered by mistake into the crowd of predominantly middle-aged white women clad in comfortable flats and faded lipstick…